Cutter unit/Punch unit

  • カッタ(用途別)
  • パンチユニット
  • 製品装置


We make proposals which go beyond customers’ needs through our high technological strength and abundant experience.

Development organization and various models.

  • For cutter/punch production, 300 or more models are manufactured in a month and 5,000 or more models have been manufactured in total.
  • An optimum model for customers’ use application can be selected from lots of models.
  • We can also provide a module or finished product in which peripheral mechanisms such as a drive section and paper feed have been incorporated.

Accumulated design know-how

  • We have over 40 years of experience in products for which high reliability is required such as a facsimile, copying machine, and ticket issuing device.
  • We possess lots of patents related to the basic structures and special functions of cutters/punches.
  • We optimize the cost by making use of high-end 3D CAD and making adjustments closely from the development phase of the customer.

Adoption of YSS high-grade special steel

  • We have inherited the particulars of manufacturing through the roots of steel, spirit of “tatara ironmaking process”.
  • YSS high-grade speciality steel made by our parent company Proterial, Ltd. is used for the blade.
  • Optimum conditions are realized by combining various types of steel, heat treatment, polishing, and surface treatment.