Corporate Profile

Management philosophy

The philosophy of Proterial Precision is

To contribute to the enhancement of society through a commitment to make products that are friendly to the Earth, to people and to the future by using leading-edge materials and technologies.

The mission of Proterial Precision is

To meet the expectations of customers and society by maximizing the abilities and qualities of each employee and continuing to seek higher value and possibilities.

The people of Proterial Precision

Always look ahead, maintain a global point of view, work hard together, and take prompt and aggressive action.

Business composition

Pursuing Pioneering Functions

To accommodate increasingly diverse functional requirements from customers, Proterial Precision offers advanced engineering services through product redesigns, as well as highly reputed Yasugi Special Steel ( )products made of various materials only available with our advanced manufacturing and metallurgical technologies.
In addition, our proven manufacturing technologies and ISO 9000–certified quality control systems can make high-precision and high-quality products.

Accommodating the Specific Needs of Advanced Technologies

Proterial Precision offers an extensive range of advanced materials and technologies—precision casting, metal injection molding (MIM) and precision forming/assembly—to precisely accommodate the diverse needs of advanced technologies in various industries, including automobiles, energy and electronics.