Design, development

Social Contributions through Consistent R&D Efforts

Drawing on its long-accumulated metal forming technologies that have served diverse customer needs, Proterial Precision makes ongoing efforts to develop products and materials that offer higher functions and manufacturing technologies that further conserve energy and resources in close cooperation with four laboratories of the Proterial Group.

Material development

  • High-performance materials for casting
  • High-performance materials for powdery sintering
  • Cast structure control

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【Ferritic stainless steels】 NSHR-F2M ---- Heat-resistant material
Typical applications : Chambers for diesel engines
【Dual-phase stainless steels】 ASL170 ---- High corrosion-resistant material
Typical applications : Glass Supporting Fixtures
【Nickel-based super alloys】 SIGP256 ---- High creep-strength
Typical applications : Turbine Wheels

Product design/development

  • Various CAE analysis
  • Rapid prototyping
  • 3D-CAD strength and behavioral analysis
  • High-precision tooling design and production

Manufacturing technology development

  • Casting technology
  • Precision forming and splicing technology
  • Injection molding technology
  • Powdery sintering technology
  • Automation of manufacturing processes

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【Precision Castings】
  • High-performance Turbocharger Components
  • High-performance Nuclear Power Plant Components
【Cutters and Punch Units】
  • High-performance Cutter Units
  • Full Automatic Puncher System

Evaluation technology

  • Quality evaluation technology
  • Product performance evaluation technology
  • Material property evaluation technology

Cooperation Institute

Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Proterial Group

Material development

  • Tool steel, heat-resistant steel, etc.
  • Powder metallurgical materials
  • Analysis and evaluation of materials

Advanced Materials Research Laboratory, Proterial Group

Casting technology development

  • CAE analysis
  • Product evaluation

Production System Laboratory, Proterial Group

Production and evaluation technology development

  • Development of devices
  • Development of production equipment
  • Development of quality evaluation technologies