lost wax process

  • Introduction of manufacturing process
  • 製品紹介
  • 技術資料


Unique production technologies and development capabilities which always produce products suited to customers' needs!

We propose a wide variety of materials in accordance with needs.

  • We propose various materials from heat-resistant stainless steel using YSS high-grade special steel to Ni-based super heat-resistant alloy, according to customers’ needs.
  • We contribute to high functionalization of products by developing unique materials.
  • We also support various types of heat treatment for maximizing material properties.

Even a complicated shape is reproduced to the near-net-shape by a unique metal tooling structure.

  • By designing an optimum metal tooling, even a complicated shape is reproduced faithfully.
  • We also support shape changes in a timely manner by manufacturing metal toolings in-house.
  • We contribute to weight reduction and parts integration through various simulations using 3D models.

High-accuracy automated line which ensures high quality

  • We realized quality mass production by automating wax injection molding, mold manufacturing, casting lines, etc.
  • By using our many years of casting technologies, we manufacture a wide range of casting products from thin-walled products weighing tens of grams to large-sized products weighing tens of kilograms.
  • We possess lots of vacuum casting furnaces to supply high-grade casting parts with less impurities.